Festival Fundraisers

Annual Festival Auction

The auction is our society’s largest source of funding for the year and is only  as profitable as our donations and our bidders. 

We are asking that everyone please donate gourd supplies, books, raw gourds, finished gourd art or anything else gourd related!  Our Patches have done a great job of collecting donations from their members and we are asking them to begin that process again.

If you have questions or need to know where and when to drop off your donated items please contact:


Cindy Doran craftycindy16@yahoo.com

Lu Hixson    luleehixson@centurylink.net

Gene Doran will serve as our auctioneer again this year!

Fine Art Gourd Raffle

We have some great artists that have volunteered to donate their gourd art this year and we know that you will have a problem deciding which gourd art you hope to win.  We encourage you to join in the fun and the excitement. Our gourd raffle is once again offering an impressive collection of gourd art. Tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00. Winners are drawn on Sunday but you need not be present to win. SMGS would like to thank these very talented artists for donating their wonderful gourd art to be raffled off at this year’s festival! 

Gourd Ornaments Sales

Hello every gourd friend! I would like to first say THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to the Ornament Fundraiser last year! You guys are incredible! We had a great time getting to see all the fun and amazing things you guys made to help support our Gourd Society. With that said, we did have a bit of confusion between the name of the Silent Auction and the Live Auction. To try to avoid that, we are going to rename this fundraiser to something less similar to the Live Auction. (One suggestion is “Make An Offer”.)


We are revamping a couple of other things just a little bit as well. Such as, we did not have a starting bid at the last show and we added 20% to the “Buy it Now” price. This year, we WILL have a $5.00 minimum starting bid and our “Buy it Now” price will remain what the artist says it is worth. (This will also make the check-in faster.) We realize that you are putting your work out there with a chance that it will possibly not bring it what is actually worth and we appreciate your dedication. Everyone helping our Society, in ways such as this, is what makes the Society so awesome!!!


Okay, with all that out of the way, we will be doing the rest the same way. We would love your donation of 1-3 ornaments to be placed on our Ornament Tree. Festival goers will be able to view all the gourd ornaments and place their silent bids on their favorite pieces, or pay the “Buy it Now” price and take it immediately. Now of course there are some specific ways this needs to be approached, in order to have a nice consistency with our ornaments like we did last year.


First of all, I would like everyone to understand that when we call these ornaments, we are not specifically thinking of Christmas Ornaments. Think more of an “ornament size”. As far as how everyone would like to make, decorate, paint, sculpt, burn etc., we would really love to see a representation of each artist “work”. So, basically do your thing. Every single artist we know puts his or her own spin on what gourd art is and that’s why we love what we do.  


Every ornament must have some way to hang it properly from a hook. Please have an eye-hook or something similar attached and properly secured. We do not want to have any beautiful pieces broken because they fell off of the tree. That would be heartbreaking!


There is a size requirement due to the fact that we will be hanging these for display. We are looking for no larger than softball size or if your gourd choice is a longer one, (like a small banana shape) then no more than 6-8 inches long. Now please do not worry if your gourd choice winds up being too large for our tree. We will simply move your wonderful donated creation over to the live auction at our discretion.


If you are unsure as to what you would like to “do” on or with your ornaments, I would like to encourage you to think about our past shows. If there was a particular theme from our past years that you found enjoyable, go for it.


This year we do NOT need to know who or how many are donating, we have room for almost 90 ornaments on our tree. I would also like to encourage you to encourage your friends to get involved. There is no rule that the person must be a member in order to donate to our awesome cause! If you have friends that would like to get in on the fun then there is nothing stopping them.


Blessings to you and yours,


Theresa Tyler 


Please contact Theresa Tyler with any questions you may have. Theresa’s email is: theresatyler17@gmail.com